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    Sunflower Records


  1. Di Goldene Pave
  2. Pashtes
  3. Zing a Gezang
  4. Moris Rosenfeld
  5. Tsum Kval
  6. Di Gortn-Parti
  7. Kalkute
  8. Yo, Ikh Gloyb
  9. Mayn Lid

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  1. 1Di Goldene Pave
  2. 2Pashtes
  3. 3Zing a Gezang
  4. 4Moris Rosenfeld
  5. 5Tsum Kval
  6. 6Di Gortn-parti
  7. 7Kalkute
  8. 8Yo, Ikh Gloyb
  9. 9Mayn Lid
  10. 10A Lid Vet Farblaybn

New Yiddish music: The evocative verse of acclaimed Yiddish poet, Simcha Simchovitch, is set to stunning original music by vocalist/composer Lichtenberg, with arrangements by Brian Katz.

Liner Notes

Lenka Lichtenberg is a Prague-born singer, composer, arranger, producer, etnomusicologist and a bandleader. She is “…in the midst of an amazingly diverse career, including singing as a member of the wildly successful all-female swing-klez band Sisters of Sheynville and also performing as a cantor at various functions”… (The WholeNote Magazine); she was also a child star; in a heavy metal rock band, and on cruiselines, but all that is now water under the bridge! In 2006, Czech TV has made a documentary about her extraordinary journey (link from her website), and in November, 2007, the prestigious music magazine « Harmony » devoted four full pages (OK – there are a few pics, too!) to an interview with her. She finds herself now in Europe more regularly than ever, as her North American-learned Yiddish and liturgical repertoire -especially when infused by jazz and world beat sensibilities provided by Brian Katz – seems to find a great response from her audiences there. In Czech Republic, she now collaborates with a number of musicians and bands and even a choir!

Brian Katz is an internationally acclaimed guitarist, pianist and recording artist, and a published composer. An expert improvisor, Brian draws on Jewish, jazz, classical and various folk traditions to form his personal sound. He has performed at major festivals and venues, such as the Toronto International Jazz Festival, Ashkenaz, WOMAD, and Kristofore International Jewish Festival in Holland.


Lichtenberg’s powerful voice takes us on a tour of a mystical land of joys and sorrows..

Scott Allan Stevens, Earball Media

Prague-born vocalist Lenka Lichtenberg has a lovely, confectionary, gamin-like quality. Her soprano voice sails above and around the notes with perfect control, weaving a luminous mystical web…. Brian Katz has a sumptuous guitar sound, full of facile runs and lush harmonics.

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, The WholeNote Magazine, Nov. 06

Lichtenberg is a passionate, smoky-voiced cabaret chanteuse and tasteful arranger Katz is always an enchanting soloist

Ori Dagan, The Live Music Report, October, 2007

One certainly does not need to understand Yiddish to appreciate these songs. The emotion and depth of the lyrics, and the musical creativity of the settings and arrangements, are communicated through Lichtenberg and Katz’s fine performances. And even in the transformation from one language to another, none of the poetry seems to be lost.

Mike Regenstreif, Sing Out! Summer 2007