• Released
  • Label
    Winter Longing Music
  • Catalog
    CD-WLCO 007


1. En Estile De Berimbau
2. Cancion De Cuna
3. Dizzy
4. Chilly Solstice
5. Janya
6. Montreal Folk Song
7. Cocos
8. Con Alma
9. Interrogando
10. Counterchord Bounce
11. Whisper of Dusk

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  1. 1En Estile De Berimbau
  2. 2Counterchord Bounce

William Beauvais & Brian Katz, guitars

Drawing on such musical sources as Cuban lullabys, East Indian music, folk, jazz, Yoruban songs and impressionist harmonies, Bridges was recorded between May 1992 and May 1993 at The Music Gallery in Toronto, Ontario.

Recorded at the Music Gallery, Toronto, Canada, May 1992 – May 1993.
Engineered and edited by Paul Hodge.
Produced by William Beauvais and Brian Katz for Winter Longing Music.
Cover Art: Summer Landscape by Jane Low-Beer
Graphic Design: Elliot Lahman

En Estile De Berimbau pays homage to the musical bow used in Brazil. Cancion De Cuna adapts a popular Cuban lullaby to a jazz setting. Dizzy is a playful samba featuring Kat’s guitar and “vocables”. Chilly Solstice was completed on yet another summer solstice which required a sweater! Janya is inspired by East Indian music. Its ostinato provides an outline for a series of delicate harmonies that shift ever so slightly. Montreal Folk Song is a folk-jazz collage flavoured by memories of Montreal’s old city. Cocos is a lush bossa nova in a contemporary jazz vein. Con Alma pays tribute to one of the original musical “bridge makers”. Interrogando provides a sample of the Brazilian choros tradition, which has some similarities to ragtime music. Counterchord Bounce is an energetic dialogue framed on both sides by a quirky bossa nova. Whisper of Dusk braids together echoes of Yoruban song and the pastels of impressionist harmony.