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    #1 James Street North, Centre for Continuing Education. McMaster, University, Hamilton, ON
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Guitar Workshop for Music Therapists/Health Practitioners

Sunday, February 4, 2018
1:00pm – 4:00pm 

Join internationally acclaimed guitarist, educator and Dalcroze Eurhythmics practitioner, Brian Katz for an afternoon intensive where you’ll discover a variety of new ways to approach playing, practising and conceptualizing the guitar as an integral component of your Music Therapy practise.

Brian Katz, a seasoned musician, educator and long time “inhabitant” of “guitar culture,” will guide participants in a rich variety of hands on/ears on techniques and explorations, with attention, to the necessity of being well grounded in the basics, and understanding how to expand upon them.

By the conclusion of this workshop, participants will, especially, feel that they have a “tool kit” that will enable them to play at whatever level they are at with good, projected, tone, elegance, dynamics, more embodied, rooted, rhythm and overall confidence. Learners will feel empowered to discover more with their guitars and understand both logical/sequenced procedures (such as permutations of finger-picking patterns), refinement of particular techniques (such as rest and free strokes), and more playful, discovery-oriented techniques/strategies involving improvisation that will begin to transform their guitar playing. My intention is to inspire participants to grow with their guitar skills, and find new and interesting applications of these newfound skill sets to their particular Music Therapy practices. There will be some take home handouts provided.

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