Culture Days. Music Can Heal, Rhythm as Culture: Dalcroze Eurythmics

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    Parkdale Library, 1303 Queen St West, Toronto, Ontario
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Music, Multi/Interdisciplinary — Hands-On Activity, Collective Creation

Brian is a specialist in Dalcroze Eurhythmics, a holistic approach to music education founded by Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, a Swiss music theorist and academic who revolutionized music education with an integrated, whole-body educational approach. Research has shown that by adding the kinesthetic element to music learning, one’s awareness and execution of all the elements of music are heightened, resulting in deeper listening, more glistening performances and an increased flow and joy in music— and life! In this multi-aged workshop, participants are invited into the joyous world of music making through invigorating combinations of singing, moving, improvising, and musical games!

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