• 2017
    with Zita Petrak, Streets I Knew
  • 2016
    with Lenka Lichtenberg, Yiddish Journey
  • 2013
    Leaves Will Speak, Brian Katz, Solo Guitar
  • 2012
    with Café Con Pan, Café’ Con Pan
    with the late Oliver Schroer and Nuala Kennedy, Enthralled
  • 2010
    with Lenka Lichtenberg, Fray
  • 2007
    Journey to Korean Music, featured soloist (KMS Vol. 1)
  • 2006
    Brian Katz/Lenka Lichtenberg, Pashtes
    Theresa Tova, Tova Sings Beyle
  • 2004
    with Laura Cesar, Windrose
  • 2002
    Brian Katz & Martin van de Ven (with special guest, Monique Lansdorp), Collected Stories ( Lilah)
  • 1996
    with Beth Ann Cole, Song Under the Stair (Independent)
  • 1995
    with Avner Strauss , On a Slow Flame, (2nd edition with extra tracks; originally released on vinyl, 1987)
  • 1995
    Reid Robins, The Window (Independent)
  • 1994
    Brian Katz and William Beauvais, Bridges (Winter Longing Music)
    Brian Katz and Allan Merovitz, Hartzedike-Lider (Independent)
    with  Bob Wiseman, City of Wood (Warner Brothers)
  • 1993
    with The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, Agada (Flying Bulgar)
  • 1992
    with  Dianne Roy, Dianne Roy (Independent) Solana, Solana (Brian Katz, Bob Becker, Shelley Berger, George Koller, Albert von Seegern) (Bellaphon, Germany)