You can listen to a demo of Talking You In, a collaborative work with storyteller Dan Yashinsky

Talking You In

photo: Lori Ives-Baine, at the Hospital for Sick Children, Oct. 30, 2010

Talking You In is a story by Dan Yashinsky about a father who tells stories to his sick son in the neonatal intensive care unit. Like Scheherazade, the father hopes to use his voice and storytelling as a beacon to heal the soul and body of his fragile listener – and of himself. It is semi-autobiographical, and also based on interviews with other NICU parents and with medical staff. The story was created with Canadian guitarist/composer Brian Katz, and features his music throughout. We have toured Talking You In to the Barbican (London), National Arts Centre (Ottawa), festivals in Holland, Wales, and Canada, and have also performed it in hospitals in Canada, Wales, and the US. We have also presented it as a keynote at numerous conferences, often followed by forums where audience members tell their own critical care stories.