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Latest CD: Leaves Will Speak, Solo Guitar,

Original works & improvisations

leaves_will_speak_home_slide I am delighted to present my first completely solo guitar recording, Leaves Will Speak. Internationally released Dec.1/13, the circa 70 minute CD is co-produced with master Canadian musician/producer/engineer David Woodhead, and features original compositions and improvisations. The diverse collection is informed mainly by modern jazz, classical/new music, folk, and a number of world music streams I’ve very much embraced over the years, particularly those stemming from the Eastern-European, Middle-Eastern, Latin American and East Indian zones.  I like to think of my composing and improvising as places where I often bring aspects of my various musical loves together into a coherent whole.  Leaves Will Speak includes some refreshed versions of past works and those especially written for the project.  There are also six completely improvised works, or perhaps better referred to as “comprivisations,” since my tendencies as an improviser are   very compositional. Indeed, the inextricable relationship between composition and improvisation continues to be a central thread in my work, and is perhaps most pronounced on this recording. What also continues is lyrical, evocative, writing, lush guitar sounds… and musical surprise! The solo guitar project has been a dream of mine for some years, and I feel very satisfied to have finally realized this dream.

The reviews are just beginning to come in; here’s what people are saying about Leaves Will Speak (full reviews are in review section):

…”When Brian Katz plays you hear that he is inward bound on a voyage of discovery as much for himself as for his audience… Brian gets a wide soundstage of colours and timbres with his instrument, creates dramas of musical conversations in his compositions, both the written and improvised, by artful rhythmic shifts, by bending times, mixing beats and changing metres… You can enjoy the play of musical intelligence on this album, and dig into a rich horde of experience gathered along the way of Brian’s 30 year international career… there is a lot of listening in the masterful medley that is Leaves Will Speak.”  — Stanley Fefferman, Opus One Review, Dec.4, 2013

…” The 18 solo tracks on the album showcase the full range of Katz’ diverse musical world. With only one exception, an arrangement of an anonymous Italian Renaissance Danza, the tracks are original, most through-composed but some improvised in the recording studio. The sound is crisp and warm with a minimum of finger noise and the booklet is comprehensive with an informative essay about Katz’ background and approaches, and descriptive notes for each piece”.  — David Olds, Editor’s Corner, WholeNote Dec-Jan. 2014 Issue.

Leaves Will Speak is now available in Toronto at the following locations and at www.cdbaby.com as of December 1st, 2013:

Remenyi House of Music
210 Bloor St W Toronto
(416) 961-3111

572 College, Toronto
(416) 537-1620

Israel’s Judaica
1172 Eglinton Ave West (close to Eglington W. subway)
(416) 256-1010
441 Clark Ave. W. Thornhill
(905) 881-1010

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